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Kisses Can Be Deadly

This article certainly caught Dr. Trabulsi's eyes! He thought that a story like this sounded a bit bizarre!  

Myriam Ducre-Lemay, a 20 year old woman, died shortly after her boyfriend kissed her goodnight, according to CTV News. Many of us would not think to be so cautious over giving a loved one a goodnight kiss.

Her boyfriend noticed she had trouble breathing, and assumed it was because of her asthma. After she used her inhaler she still had trouble breathing. She passed away before an ambulance came.

Her boyfriend ate a peanut butter sandwich before kissing her, and she had a peanut allergy. She never told her boyfriend she had a peanut allergy, so he was unaware. As a result, she died from a lack of oxygen to her brain.

If you suffer from any type of allergies it is recommended you always carry EpiPens, and always let other people know about an allergy so that the people around you know to keep certain foods at a distance.


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