Best pain reliever for joint pain

Best pain reliever for joint pain

Similarly to the way in which they chiropractic adjustment the spine, they can also adjust the joints to relieve tension and promote efficient function. If this sounds a little intimidating, don’t fret. It generally doesn’t hurt, but instead helps many patients find almost immediate relief

Arthritis is a painful condition of the joints and cartilage. A cycle of pain and mobility loss is associated with arthritis. It works like this:

  1. You have joint pain
  2. Joint pain causes you to move less
  3. Because you move less, you have less mobility
  4. As you lose mobility, your arthritis worsens
  5. You have more joint pain
  6. And on and on

Chiropractic works against this vicious cycle. Your chiropractor’s goal is to improve mobility and eliminate pain through chiropractic adjustments

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