Chiropractic care for back pain

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

How many of you are suffering from back pain? In the new world where so many people work from home and can’t go to a gym, chiropractic treatment can be an excellent solution for the sore muscles.
Here at Manhattan Wellness Group, we have the industry’s best professionals to help your pain go away.

The first thing we do is looking into a reason for discomfort or injury. Then we provide an examination to find out what muscles and joints are affected. We check the postural alignment to see if a patient has leg discrepancy, scoliosis, or other body abnormalities. Before any joint adjustment, our professionals stretch the muscles to warm them up and get a better result. We also use electrical stimulation and the heat to free the muscle tissue from spasm and pain before a chiropractor performs proper manipulation to the affected joint area. At the end of the treatment, a patient can get traction, decompression, and a Kinesio tape to keep the body in perfect alignment.

Our unique treatment method can help anyone forget about back pain for a long time.