Lumbar Disc Herniation Treatment & Pain Relief

Lumbar Disc Herniation Treatment & Pain Relief

What Causes Disk Problems?

When a disk is stressed, its inner “jelly-like” material begins to swell and eventually starts to ooze out of its tougher, outer membrane. If the disk becomes severely injured, all or part of the core material may push through the outer casing at a weak spot, putting pressure on surrounding nerves. Although any trauma to the lower back can bring on a disk problem, most disk problems are due to degeneration caused by aging, and the reduced flexibility that typically accompanies it. Poor muscle tone and posture are contributing factors to disk problems, as is obesity. In severe cases, insufficient collagen is thought to be at fault. However, sometimes a disk swells or tears on its own without any known cause.

Symptoms of Disk Problems

The symptoms of a damaged disc can vary according to its location and severity. Many people who show evidence on scanning of damaged discs have no symptoms. However, general signs may include:

- Back pain - Pain radiating down the legs - Worsening pain associated with bending over or sitting down for a long time - Worsening pain associated with activities like coughing or sneezing - Pain worsens at night - Pain when walking short distances - Numbness or pins-and-needles in an arm or leg.

Our treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniation? 

At Manhattan Wellness Group, when patients are presented with back pain resembling a herniated disc. Our doctors will do the proper neurologic and orthopedic examinations and send the patient for an X-ray or MRI test. They will discover the real reason for the pain and determine the Spinal disc severity if present.

Our Medical Pain Management Interventionist under Dr. Farag will use Trpts therapy, localized steroidal or non-steroidal injections, or even an epidural if needed. All in the purpose of reducing inflammation and swollenness of the nerve roots affected by the Spinal Canal Stenosis. 

Our Chiropractic department has developed a very successful non-surgical treatment for lumbar herniated disc. Dr. Rashad Trabulsi and Dr. Alex Kazhdan has helped many patients with lumbar disc herniation who had only surgery as an alternative to their pain and suffering. Here at Manhattan Wellness Group, we care about your health and well-being.

Our physical therapy specialist can instruct you on how to prevent future injuries by targeting the injury source. We help you gain the confidence to return to the activities you enjoy most. We maximize your progress, reduce the number of visits to our office, and save you time and money.

If you or someone you love starts to exhibit symptoms or have been diagnosed with this condition, give us a call today. 


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Chiropractic care is a safe, effective treatment for many physical injuries, whether from moving furniture, running for exercise or a simple fall. If you have suffered a physical injury, chiropractic can help you to restore function and get your body working at its optimal level. Isn’t that far better than masking the problem with drugs? Certainly!