Lower Back Pain Treatment for Pregnant Women By Rashad Trabulsi

Let’s be honest, pregnancy, as exhilarating as it is, does not always provide the most comfortable circumstances. Lower back pain especially is a common discomfort during pregnancy. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. New York City Chiropractor Rashad Trabulsi has been treating pregnant women with Lower back pain since 2004. See his credentials here . He uses a safe holistic treatment specifically designed for pregnant women that releases the pressure constantly placed on the back and joints. He finds the relief of Lower back pain is a significant step towards an easy and healthy pregnancy.

Rashad Trabulsi and his highly accredited associates use a safe holistic Chiropractic treatment specifices for pregnant women that releases the pressure constantly placed on the back, pelvic, and nerves.

There are a number of factors that are correlated to back pain during pregnancy. Around the third trimester the average woman gains approximately 25 to 35 pounds. During this time the baby usually grows to weigh up to seven pounds before its due date. Imagine yourself carrying a bowling ball around your stomach twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, the woman’s body releases a hormone that relaxes the ligaments in the pelvic area and loosens the joints in preparation for the birth process. Other bodily changes such as the shift of a woman’s center of gravity or poor posture tend to accumulate.

Overall, the amount of strain put on the back can irritate the sciatic nerve causing unnecessary pain. After caring for his wife through three pregnancies Dr. Trabulsi understands the apprehensions of a pregnant woman when it comes to receiving certain treatments. Most pregnant women are naturally cautious and protective of their womb. However, he considers not catering to back pain during pregnancy is a risk of its own. It is extremely risky for pregnant women with a history of back pain, as the baby’s further development and growth can worsen their condition due to increase postural stress. His primary suggestion to expecting mothers is to always take care of their selves first. “When the mother is at ease, the baby is also at ease”.

For the team of professionals at Manhattan Wellness Group a comfortable pregnancy doesn’t end with Chiropractic care. Another way they ease the bodily distress of pregnancy is through Prenatal Massage Therapy. Prenatal Massages incorporate relaxation, circulation and most importantly awareness of the pregnant body. His highly accredited Prenatal Massage Therapists also handle minor discomforts. They, for example, can diminish the excess fluids that cause the feet to swell. They know exactly what parts of the body and positions to avoid. And because they specialize in catering specifically to pregnant women, they, if anything, have the knowledge to provide reassurance and comfort to an ill at ease mother-to-be. For breathing techniques and “Easy Home Tips” to maintain a more comfortable pregnancy