Mommy’s Thumb

You know what’s been a big complaint these days? Mommy’s Thumb! You can also call it De Quatrain’s Syndrome. Or you can call it “Washer Woman’s Syndrome”, which was what the condition was called back in the day.

It is actually a form of tendonitis, and causes major inflammation around the thumb and wrist.

The Anatomy behind it, there are two muscles of this tendon that interconnect the movement from the wrist to the thumb. These tendons interconnecting from the thumb to the forearm are supposed to glide smoothly inside the membranes, which are also known as synovial sheaths.

Once the synovial sheath thickens, or inflames, it can be difficult for the muscles to perform their proper functions without feeling pain.

It is a condition that happens to many pregnant women, with half of pregnant woman experiencing these symptoms at some point. It not only happens to pregnant women, but it can happen to others due to repetitive motions. It can be from something more serious such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and hypothyroidism.

If you have thumb or wrist pain, it is important to take it more seriously, and go to the doctors to get it checked to make sure it is nothing too serious. If it doesn’t get checked the pain can worsen, extending up to the forearm.

Manhattan Wellness Group promotes using a non-surgical approach, by using cold laser treatments, stem cell therapy, deep tissue massage for the wrist, therapeutic exercises, and has

found that patients could easily recover from the syndrome in 1 month.