Rashad Trabulsi a Chiropractor In NYC Helps Pregnant Woman Prevent or Correct a Breech Baby

There are many safety measures and preparations expecting mothers take to ensure a healthy birth. There is a new health tip devised for pregnant women almost everywhere. While most general precautions are usually beneficial, there are some things prenatal vitamins, proper diets, exercises or classes cannot fix.

When a woman is pregnant, a Chiropractor is probably the furthest thought from her mind unless she is having Back pain. However, what if she was told that Chiropractic care has the ability to prevent or correct a breech baby? Yes, seeing the expert “back doctor” during pregnancy can help a concerned mother-to-be avoid a very risky C-section.

Rashad Trabulsi a chiropractor in Midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights in NYC area specializes in utilizing the Webster Technique. “The Webster Technique is a specific Chiropractic analysis and adjustments to balance the maternal pelvic.

A high percentage of breech babies come from a lack of space or obliquity of the pelvic realm. A pelvic imbalance can restrict the motion of a baby inside the womb. Rashad Trabulsia Chiropractor in Midtown Manhattan uses what is called The Webster Technique to reduce intrusion to the nerve system and balance maternal pelvic muscles and ligaments. In turn, this also reduces constriction of the baby and permits for a more desirable fetal placement in preparation for birth. The technique uses a combination of moderate adjusting to balance the SI joints and mild ligamentous trigger point work to reduce the tension, torsion and constraint in the uterus. This way, the once restrained baby has more room to move and properly position itself.

A breech baby can easily be corrected using The Webster Technique. however, timing is everything! Breech babies are a very common amongst pregnant women. Unfortunately, many women fail to realize before it is too late, leaving a Cesarean as their only birthing option. One way to avoid a C-Section or a breech baby early on is to be evaluated by Dr. Rashad Trabulsi and taking provision by at least the seventh month at minimum. A breech baby can promptly go from a 70% chance of adjusting within in the seventh month of pregnancy to a 40% chance within the eighth month due to the continuous growth of the baby and the limitation of space to allow for the turn to occur.