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4 Rolls Kinesiology Tape Waterproof Breathable Cotton Physical Therapy, Pain Relief Knee Taping for Gym Fitness Running Tennis Swimming Football (Blue, Pink, Camo pink, Camo desert)

(49 customer reviews)


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The Kinesio Taping Method is a rehabilitative taping technique designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. Kinesio tape is a treatment that is used by many athletes. It is made of cotton and polymer elastic strands, which enables flexibility and a range of motion. It stabilizes the muscles of an injured area. In addition to adding flexibility and stability, it can reduce swelling, promoting blood flow to the muscles.

  • Support your muscles and joints without restricting movement
  • Normalizes muscle functions, improve lymphatic and blood flow
  • Use 100% medical glue, no worry about allergy
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Blue, Pink, Camo pink, Camo desert
  • 4 Rolls

Kinesiology Tape



49 reviews for 4 Rolls Kinesiology Tape Waterproof Breathable Cotton Physical Therapy, Pain Relief Knee Taping for Gym Fitness Running Tennis Swimming Football (Blue, Pink, Camo pink, Camo desert)

  1. Chelsea

    This tape is the best!

  2. Matt

    This is the good stuff. Sticks forever, breathes and flexes.

  3. Zon

    Great product. Adheres as needed,

  4. Maldonado

    It is very nice and it helps me greatly

  5. Roth

    This tape works great! I can wear it for a few days and it holds up great.

  6. KC

    This tape has helped with my peroneal tendinitis as well as an occasional tennis elbow.

  7. Customer

    Love it.

  8. Conley78643

    My husband sprained his ankle and was very happy with the sport this tape gave him. It stayed on under his sock and shoe throughout his work day.

  9. Bernard

    Pain relief

  10. cully

    Loved it.

  11. harmonic

    This tape helps the pain and movement in my knee.

  12. wind

    This is the longest lasting tape I have used! Gives me easily three to four days of wear without lifting like the others!

  13. Windchester

    Seems really good. Only used it once so far and it helped

  14. Stays on great

    I love this tape

  15. Quality consistent

    Great quality. Helped alleviate bunion pain. I am seeing my bunion lessen.

  16. lipton

    Works great

  17. war

    Totally worth the money!

  18. amy dixon

    I wear it for my hand pain. It relieves the pain adheres well to skin and last all day

  19. Jason K.

    I use this for many different things. I use it in areas where blisters appear on my feet as well as many other things

  20. Lacie Hamilton

    Highly recommend! Daughter uses it for her shoulder when she is playing volleyball and husband uses it on his plantar fasciitis.

  21. Jamie L.

    Stays on until you take it off – even in water. No sticky residue when you remove it. Great color selection. Fast shipping

  22. PABJR

    Wonderful Product!

  23. Molly Ryan

    This tape lasts longer

  24. vssc

    Great pain relief for my plantar fasciitis

  25. cathy.

    Very strong, I 100 procent recommend

  26. Ondine


  27. G. T.

    It’s working perfectly

  28. Amber Talbott

    There are squares on the back to help with sizing.

  29. redroc

    only lasts a day

  30. Diane Mesa

    The tape stick good around the edges

  31. bisma

    sticks better, price better, same effect

  32. willie russell

    seems to have enough stretch

  33. Jen Fisher


  34. Garage

    no skin sensitivity

  35. ucwest

    It works! I’ve used it over night and the muscle soreness just disappeared!

  36. ml92

    No problems

  37. D.Dossantos

    Love this product

  38. jmhun

    High quality

  39. YvEtte S Sahara

    Been using this tape for over 10 years. Good for injuries as well as precautionary measures. Helps to keep an old injury protected.

  40. raincross

    Great for improving speed

  41. D. Lowe

    They stay on my buy again list.

  42. Kathryn

    Yes! Excellent price

  43. Rebecca Slater

    Helped my foot with a pulled muscle!


    I am using this tape on my feet to get relief from my neuropathy. I am finding it very helpful.

  45. DM

    I used these to brace my foot for plantar fasciitis. It easily lasted 2-3 days with sandals in the heat and humidity. It also lasted through daily showers. It had a nice stretch as well.

  46. Achilyse

    Easy to cut, easy to use. Great stretch and adhesion. I haven’t tried showering in it yet like the tape from PT, but it holds it’s stick and it’s strength overnight so far.

  47. Gladys Chicaiza


  48. doroteo castillo

    Fácil de usar y buena calidad

  49. Amy J

    Good value for money. Works great for kinesotaping!

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