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  • back-pain-seated-pillow-manhattan-wellness-group-07

Memory Foam Seat Cushion Pillow, Chair Pillow for Sciatica, Coccyx, Back & Tailbone Pain Relief, Orthopedic Chair Pad for Support in Office Chair, Car, Wheelchair & Airplane Chair

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  • Cushions provide extra cushioning for long hours of driving or working in the office.
  • This mat has unique features and makes you feel pain-free while driving and working in front of your computer for a long time.
  • The seat cushion features a high-tech innovative gel layer and a mixed memory foam that eliminates all pressure on the tailbone, sciatica, waist, and lower back.
  • Comfortable and easy to use, unlike other large cushions, promotes healthy posture, blood circulation, and alignment to the spine, so you have more time to focus on your work.
  • ALL PURPOSE GEL PAIN RELIEF SEAT CUSHION: Use pain relief cushion as a car seat cushion, office chair seat cushion or wheelchair cushion. Our memory foam coccyx cushion for pressure relief supports injury recovery & promotes healthy posture.
  • PREMIUM GRADE MEMORY FOAM: Made out of top quality high density memory foam & contoured to the shape of your butt, these chair cushions relieve pressure points to ease sciatica pain & lower back pain.
  • GEL FOR ADDED COMFORT: Enhanced with a layer of gel, our memory foam seat cushion supplies a comfortable seating experience. Enjoy breathable comfort when sitting for extended periods.
  • REMOVABLE, WASHABLE COVER: Soft & smooth, the velour cover feels like a cloud. Easy to remove & machine washable, it can be washed as needed. The case has a zipper closure for quick & easy removal.
  • BUILT-IN HANDLE FOR CARRYING: Non-permanent back pain solution. Take the butt pillow to work, school or sporting event. Our pain relief chair pad puts multiple layers of supportive foam between the seat & your bum.


14 reviews for Memory Foam Seat Cushion Pillow, Chair Pillow for Sciatica, Coccyx, Back & Tailbone Pain Relief, Orthopedic Chair Pad for Support in Office Chair, Car, Wheelchair & Airplane Chair

  1. C J

    Extreme Comforts cushion is great. It arrived on time. I placed it on my chair and sat down to wonderful cushioning. It is thick enough to hold my big rear end. It fits almost the entire seating area of my office chair. I really enjoy the cushion. I tried other cushions that were about half the thickness of this cushion but they were too firm and became uncomfortable quick soon.

  2. JTL III

    We received your cushion a week or so ago, and my 76 year old wife is very pleased with it

  3. W. Ashley

    I’ve been searching for just the right pad for my husband’s lift chair to add comfort to the rather firm/hard chair seat. This pad fits the bill and he’s very happy with the comfort level. It fits his chair perfectly and stays in place.

  4. CSC

    This seat cushion is SO GOOD. I have had a lot of problems with pressure on my tailbone and resulting back problems, and they’ve been getting worse. I will be honest, I have only tried the old-fashioned medical donuts, so I don’t have much to compare it to. However, this cushion is nicely thick, and the cutout and contours are so perfect and they take all pressure off my tailbone. After working for a few hours, I got up and for the first time in almost a year, didn’t have pain. Normally, the pressure on my tailbone becomes pretty bad while sitting, but produces an even sharper pain upon standing. Feeling so great for the first time prompted me to buy another for work so I could keep this one at home and never be without it! Hopefully, reducing the pressure on my tailbone will also help it heal, but even being free from pain is wonderful.

  5. MzsChapel

    I have a sciatic nerve issue in my lower back on my left side and I put this in my work chair and immediately I noticed a difference when sitting for 8 hours working I would highly recommend this item

  6. Mike Signs

    Had one for home and took it to the office. Ordered this one to use for home. Recommended for anyone who must sit for long periods. It’s a MUST !

  7. DeeDee

    Since I received this seat cushion, it has helped me greatly. I sit quite a few hours a day,& this helped me so much.

  8. Avery

    I have had a severe pain in my right hip for about 4 months now. I talked to my doctor and he recommended this item to me. I purchased it the next week after my appointment. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and can really tell the difference. I do a lot of traveling and while sitting for long periods of time the pain would be very discomforting. My traveling now is smooth and comfortable. This is a very good product. I would recommend it to anyone.

  9. Sekeroglu

    I bought this because my doctor recommended getting a cushion for my office chair to help with my sciatica pain

  10. rnaoncfixd

    I love this cushion! I had a snowboard accident about 2 years ago and bruised my coccyx pretty bad. Since then I’ve found it uncomfortable to sit in any one location for too long. My office chair is a pretty crappy one from Ikea and this cushion massively improves it!

  11. JR

    After spending the spring teaching over the computer, I began developing pain in the back and on my tailbone. Once school started up again this fall, and I had to sit back down a lot to make lesson plans etc. My wife ordered this set of the back pillow and the seat cushion for my birthday, and these have been a great help in decreasing/removing my pain.

  12. Wittke

    Seat is very comfortable.

  13. jimbo

    I use this in my car because I was getting sore/numb thighs and butt on long drives which I did frequently for my work. The first time i used the cushion on along drive, there was a very noticeable increase in comfort and it eliminated the numbing effect I was getting. It made the drive 100% easier and less stressful.

  14. Judy


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