Neck Hammock. Portable Cervical Traction Device with Adjustable Straps

$38.00 $19.00

Portable Cervical Traction Device for Neck Head Pain Relieves Shoulder and Back Pain with Adjustable Straps

  • The design concept is to reduce neck pain, relieve headache, improve insomnia, and increase the mobility of the cervical spine and shoulders.
  • The neck hammock takes only 10 minutes a day. It is ideal for office workers, students, athletes, shift workers, and drivers. For any problem of the neck, it is the simplest solution.
  • Easy to install and carry. One minute is all you need to ready this neck hammock, suitable for the office, home, gym, or anywhere you need.
  • Neck hammock is made of soft material, which makes you fall asleep quickly.










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