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Posture Corrector for Men and Women, Upper Back Straightener Brace for Proper Posture & Spinal Adjustable Invisible Comfortable Straps to Support Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain Relief

(9 customer reviews)

$35.00 $12.50

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  • 2 Support Mode: With the newest design, our upper back brace can not only stick on shoulders but also on the chest, which will greatly reduce armpits’ discomfort.
  • Comfortable & Adjustable: Our Clavicle brace is unisex and fits chest sizes ranging from 25″ to 50″. Start wearing the posture corrector belt for 20-30 minutes a day, gradually wearing it for 1-2 hours, something will be different.
  • Ergonomic Design: Straight postures for posture correction use ergonomic design. Pulling back the shoulder strap improves and corrects bad posture. It provides stable support for the upper body, relieves back, neck, and shoulder pain and helps against an incorrect posture, humps, and psychosis.
  • Effective & Comfortable:  The posture trainer is made of lightweight, soft, porous ventilating materials that keep your skin comfortable. Thicker straps and larger Velcro than other similar products, which will provide greater support and reduce traction discomfort. Keep your posture correct for a long time. Effectively reduce pain and pressure on the neck and shoulders.
  • Invisible under Clothes:  Wear under a blouse or shirt. When you go out with a straight posture, you will look confident, healthy, and looked younger. Support cleaned by washing machine.



Back Shoulder


Man & Woman


Composite Material


Bone Care

9 reviews for Posture Corrector for Men and Women, Upper Back Straightener Brace for Proper Posture & Spinal Adjustable Invisible Comfortable Straps to Support Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain Relief

  1. Sam

    * With all day sitting for office work back is most impacted. Specially lower back. It is not going to strengthen your back but it provides very good support for back and helps in the posture correction.
    * Very comfortable to wear.
    * I am wearing over my t-shirt while at home.
    * It is a universal size so will work for most adults.

  2. Harj S

    I am Happy with this product as it helped me with my incorrect posture.

  3. filora

    Since I have desk job. I have been having a back pain a lot. Tried many posture Corrector before.But they either broke in couple days or It makes me uncomfortable. This one worked awesome for me. Good quality plus you can wear this in the summer as well.

  4. Nguyen

    Exactly as described. Good fit and works pretty well. You do have to get used to putting it on but that will come over time. Overall, I absolutely love this product it has helped me so much with my poster and it’s absolutely comfortable

  5. Edgerton

    After figuring out how to properly put this thing on, I was shocked. I immediately felt some relief from the pressure that I felt just behind my shoulders. This thing naturally made me feel like standing up straight. It’s not super forceful, more like a gentle reminder to keep correct posture. You have to try it out. That was my initial reaction. After using this thing for about a week I can tell it’s working. Even after taking it off, I can tell it has helped me adjust my posture. Standing up straight helps breathe better and look slightly slimmer too! I’d definitely recommend trying this thing out! You will not be disappointed

  6. avadawab

    i have been using it for a few day. It feel a little at first just because it is stretching my back. However, i can feel my back is getting better and more straight.

  7. Jenny_Rho

    I bought this for my husband. He was very skeptical because of the low price, but was shocked at how comfortable it was! I saw immediately how much it straightened up his poor posture! Highly recommend! What a bargain!

  8. Rebekah

    Working from home I noticed I’ve begun to slouch more and more. I figured I would try this out to see if it helps. Not only is it comfortable but I feel much better after correcting my posture, even if I only wear it for 10 minutes at a time. Glad I tried it.

  9. Masiglat

    It’s a great product.. never really thought about my posture until my back started to hurt cuz of slouching. So a friend of my recommended a brace and I found this product..I highly recommend it! It’s comfy and easy to use.

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