The Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet!

Why Go Vegetarian

There are many reasons why people choose a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. From hoping to heal a specific health condition, to avoid risks and dangers that exist in many food manufacturing methods, or to simply live a happier, healthier life with a better diet.

There are many myths stating that a vegetarian lifestyle can lead to a detrimental depletion of certain nutrients and as such, they advocate consumption of meat products. According to a recent study, research has proven that a vegetarian lifestyle does indeed have benefits that not only lead to longevity, but help improve the environment. This has reinforced what many vegetarians have embraced all along. Many vegetarians live longer than non-vegetarians, thus it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

According to recent studies, the mortality rate for non-vegetarians is 20 percent higher than vegetarians and semi-vegetarians. Illnesses relating to meat consumption is estimated to cost between $30-$60 billion per year in medical. Everything from foodborne illnesses, to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, has been attributed to meat consumption. Other studies have unearthed a correlation between a diet rich in plant-based foods, a reduction in cancer rates, as well as lower cholesterol levels. Studies also found that switching from non-vegetarian diets to vegetarian or semi vegetarian diets reduce greenhouse emissions.

Quite simply, vegetarian diets result in one-third of a decrease in emissions compared to a non-vegetarian diet. This indicates that shifting from animal-based food diets to a vegetarian diet may lead to improvements, and having long-term effects with climate change. By not eating animal-based foods, everything from water pollutants (due to animal waste) and deforestation, to depletion of certain wildlife species and excessive methane production can be prevented. The diets people choose have a direct impact not only on their immediate and long-term health, but on the overall health of the environment.

When switching to a healthier lifestyle, Dr. Trabulsi recommends vegeterians to reduce carb intake. When switching over, it can be easy to consume more carbs than what's recommended daily. Manhattan Wellness Group promotes health and wellbeing through chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage and acupuncture.