The Best Massage Chiropractor Near Me for Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Headache

So many of us are suffering from pain and tension in the body. The most common are neck pain, back pain, and headache. The pain can not only limit our range of motion but also cause emotional struggle. It is crucial to treat not only pain symptoms but the cause too. At Manhattan Wellness Group, we believe that the most effective treatment is a synergy of different modalities.

We combine Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care to treat headache, neck, and back pain. Massage Therapy focuses on soft tissue, and chiropractic care deals with hard tissue.  Because muscles, tendons, and ligaments surround these hard tissues, tight muscles pull joints out of alignment. By targeting both the hard and soft tissues, faster and more complete recovery is achieved. Medical massage increases joints flexibility and makes it easier for the chiropractor to put them into the right place.

Our Board Certified Massage Therapists perform Medical Massage and can treat any injures. Therapeutic Massage prepares your muscles for the chiropractic adjustment. The treatment can speed up the recovery time from the injury or sore muscles.

Recommendations to prevent Neck Pain:

  • do not sleep on your stomach; it will shorten one side of the muscles and overstretch the other when the head is turned
  • avoid carrying heavy bags
  • be aware of your posture
  • exercise and stretch your neck

Recommendations to prevent Back Pain:

  • strengthen your abdominal muscles with exercise to support your posture
  • avoid overeating meat; animal foods contain uric acid, which puts undue strain on the kidneys and contributes to back pain
  • if pain follows the injury apply ice
  • to relieve back muscle pain, soak in a hot bath
  • wear comfortable shoes

Recommendations to prevent headache:

  • if you feel a headache, drink a large glass of water every three hours until symptoms subside
  • apply cold compresses to relieve headaches by constricting blood vessels and easing muscle spasm
  • be sure to get enough sleep
  • acupressure can be helpful, take your thumb and press up firmly underneath you skull and at the back of your neck for one to two minus

We take all the primary insurance, give us a call and we will adjust a treatment plan according to your needs.

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