Chiropractic Traction at Manhattan Wellness Group

The Chiropractors at Manhattan Wellness Group are Top Rated and Highly Effective in Treating Back Pain

The Manual Traction Process:

With manual therapeutic traction, the chiropractor uses his hands to gently support and guide the patient’s head, arms, legs, or back through the traction process. The force is gentle, stable, and controlled. This treatment gets rid of main symptoms such as neck pain or back pain, while increasing mobility. Common problems would include neck conditions and Lower back pain.

This treatment is used to stretch the spine, and enabling a realigning. During this process, the spine is stretched in order to relieve and nerve pressure. Traction approaches will vary based on the individual needs of the patient, but may include the following:

  • Mechanical traction – Motorized pulleys with adjustable tension settings stretch the patient.
  • Manual traction – The chiropractor may use his or her bare hands, or may use a manual pulley system, to stretch the patient’s spine. Weights may or may not be attached to the manual traction pulley system.
  • Anti-gravity traction – An inversion table is used so that the body weight of the patient exerts a downward stretch on the spine.

What Does Mechanical Traction Treat?

This treatment therapy performed by Dr. Rashad Trabulsi and his associates, takes away pressure on the spine mechanically. It treats sciatica, pinched nerves, degenerative disc diseases, herniated

discs along with many other back problems.

Mechanical traction can be used to treat the cervical or lumbar spine. Mechanical traction used to treat the cervical spine can often times exist of stretches and adjustments by a professional, followed by stretches including or similar to an over-the-door pulley system.