Cold Therapy Treatment at Manhattan Wellness Group

We treat all conditions related to Spine Health, Back Pain, Neck Pain, and other joint pain

What is Cold Therapy Treatment?

Cold therapy treatment is a type of physical therapy treatment.  The treatment most often combines the benefits of massage therapy and cold pack recovery treatment. A licensed physical therapist will often start a deep tissue massage of the affected area and follow up with an ice pack treatment.  When a cold pack or ice massage is used, the patient tends to feel the following stages of feeling:

  • Cold
  • Burning
  • Aching
  • Numbing

When and How to Apply Cold Therapy:

Common areas of the body that ice therapy treatment is usually applied to include the shoulder, upper back and lower back.  The treatment can be used to decrease the swelling in any of the body's joints or muscles. Cold therapy can also work as a preventative technique to effectively reduce or eliminate swelling in a joint or muscle right after an injury or exercise.

By exposing an afflicted part of the body to a cold therapy treatment, the patient experiences a decrease in blood flow and internal fluids to the affected area.  The result effectively reduces inflammation and pain across the area. Best practice for using ice packs include 15 minutes applied, with a thin layer between the cold pack and the skin, followed by 15 minutes resting, with no ice pack applied.