Interferential Current Therapy at Manhattan Wellness Group

Interferential Current Therapy at Manhattan Wellness Group

What is Interferential Current (IFC) Therapy?

Interferential Current Therapy has been used in chiropractic for many years and has proven to be very safe. The IFC machine produces electrical currents that pass through the patient's body by placing two electrodes on the skin at a painful area or the spinal nerve root associated with a painful region. Alternating current applied and rises and falls at different frequencies. These frequencies cause the body to produce endorphins, which stops the pain signals from reaching the brain.

Most people consider pain reduction something for the sheer benefit of the patient’s comfort. However, the truth is that pain produces spasms and unnatural movement within the body that can lead to more injuries. 

The current tends to penetrate deeper. It also crisscrosses instead of going in a straight line. The crisscrossing current confuses the nerve endings and keeps them from adjusting to the treatment. During treatment, the patient will feel a tingling sensation. This pins and needles feeling may continue for a short time after treatment ends. 

The benefits of IFC are:
  • Increase local blood flow to reduce swelling
  • Increase blood flow to remove damaged tissue from the area
  • Increase blood flow to promote healing in the injured area
  • Stimulate local nerves to reduce pain
  • Stimulate muscles to help them move more freely

Interferential Current Therapy has received increasing attention because of its potential to serve as a strength training tool for healthy subjects and athletes, rehabilitation, and preventive tool for partially or immobilized patients, a testing tool for evaluating the neural or muscular function, and a post-exercise recovery tool for athletes.

Interferential Current (IFC) is a form of TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation). Physical therapists and chiropractors use it to decrease inflammation and swelling of affected tissues. This treatment has also shown positive effects in improving symptoms of asthma and in reducing back pain. IFC uses direct current rather than alternating current. The positive pad acts to decrease the circulation of the target area and reduce swelling. The negative pad increases the distribution of oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the injured area, thus increasing the healing pace.

At Manhattan Wellness Group, we also use Interferential Current Therapy in combination with different treatments depending on the patient's condition. You can call today and make an appointment for the free consultation/screening.