Using Meditation to Treat Chronic Pain


Dr. Rashad Trabulsi and his team at Manhattan Wellness Group are experienced experts in the treatment of chronic neck and back pain. They fully endorse the use of meditation by their patients in an attempt to reduce or cure chronic pain. The key to meditation is that it places the patient in control. Unlike surgical procedures or prescription solutions, meditation is your ticket to being in control of your healing.

Many people are scared they do not possess the skills to properly meditate, but recent studies show that it is actually quite easy to practice and learn all on your own. Just a few minutes everyday can be your ticket to becoming pain free. After just 30 minutes of meditation for 3 days, many patients experience a heightened ability to control and manage their pain.

Here are 2 meditation techniques endorsed by Dr. Rashad Trabulsi and his team.

Deep Breathing to Reduce Back Pain

Developing an awareness of your breath—its rhythm and rate—can actually help ease back pain because it allows you to concentrate on your breath, so your mind isn't so focused on your back pain. Try breathing in through your nose for 15 seconds, holding for 30 seconds, and releasing as slowly as possible. Patients who do this exercise 3 times in a row, three times throughout the day, are able to release the tension in their backs and in turn, relieve pain.

Mindful Meditation for Back Pain

Meditation helps you relax and check in with yourself, which in turn can unclench tense back muscles. It can also help decrease your perception of pain by allowing you to concentrate on something other than the pain. Try bringing yourself to a place of peace a few times each day if you experience back pain. Even something as simple as taking your eyes away from your work and listening to relaxing ocean waves can have a lasting impact.

Although meditation can be very helpful, its not always the ultimate cure to chronic neck or back pain. If your pain persists while trying these techniques, you should come in and see Dr. Rashad Trabulsi and his team at Manhattan Wellness Group for a consultation.