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Ergonomics covers all aspects of a job, from the physical stresses it places on joints, muscles, nerves, tendons, bones to environmental factors which can effect hearing, vision, and general comfort and health.

Physical Stress

Physical stress varies from the type of jobs/field you work in. At an office setting, many causes physical stress are such as keyboard, computers and phones. The keyboard causes physical stress on your fingers, wrist, arm and shoulder. The fingers begin to hurt when constantly typing causing for the wrist to constantly move. In the future, this could lead to having carpal tunnel, tendonitis and many back problems.The arm are leaning on the desk moving casuing for the shoulders to become stiff at a position. The computers blur your eyesight from staring at them for too long. Also when answering the phones, you put them in your ear while typing causing a strain on the shoulder and back. Some solutions may be adjusting your chair so the wrist are relaxed, not digging into the keyboard or desk, and adjust the computer monitor so there isnt a glare or high brighntess. Taking short breaks to stand up and walk around helps with posture and to avoid less back problems. 

At a physical demanding job such as construction using any kind of machinery and tools can cause excessive strain on the body especially neck, shoulders, arms and back

Environmental Factors

Central air,excessive noise and lighting are environmental impacts when working.

  • If its too noisey it can put a strain on the ears causing loss of hearing.
  • Central air can cause sickness in the workplace such as coughs, flu, sick building syndrome, headaches, congestion, fatigue
  • The lighting can be dul which puts a strain on the eyes and constant headaches

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Wellness at Manhattan Wellness Group

We work with patients to help them achieve their optimal health goals
  • Breech Baby Correction

    Just before birth, most fetuses assume a head-down position inside the womb. 1 out of 25 do not; these are called breech babies. In such cases it is critical that the fetus be turned. Such treatment can be preformed by a chiropractor who adjustments the sacrum; massage techniques are best implemented as well. Learn More

  • Diet and Nutrition

    Bad nutrition, diet, and obesity can lead to conditions such as chronic pain. Knowing about vitamins, and proper nutritional balance can help someone give their life a new start.

  • Ergonomics

    Ergonomics covers all aspects of a job, from the physical stresses it places on joints, muscles, nerves, tendons, bones to environmental factors which can effect hearing, vision, and general comfort and health.

  • Otitis Media

    Common causes of otitis media are a bacteria or a virus. For children by the age of two, already has went to the doctor about 2-3 times for otitis media. Bacterial infections are the most common causes of otitis media such as pneumonia for an example. Warning signs are fever, irritability, ear pain, difficulty sleeping or eat and diarrhea or vomiting

  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on the principles that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every part, organ and gland in the body.

  • Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is a disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. You may have sleep apnea if you snore loudly, and you feel tired even after a full night’s sleep.

  • Stop Smoking

    Researchers discovered that smoking history, hypertension and coronary artery disease – all of which are risk factors for atherosclerosis, or occlusion of the arteries – were significantly associated with the development of low back pain.

  • Weight Loss

    A persons weight can have many affects on their body causing chronic pain that interferes with everyday lifestyle. A healthy weight helps for people to live a long and healthy lifestyle helping to reduce chronic pain such as back pain. Obese and overweight patients have an increased risk for back pain, joint pain and muscle strain

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