Low Back Pain In Pregnancy at Manhattan Wellness Group

Low Back Pain In Pregnancy at Manhattan Wellness Group

Being pregnant can be a magical time for a woman. Unfortunately, sometimes pregnancy is accompanied by some side effects, including low back pain. Most studies estimate that 50% of pregnant women will suffer from low back pain, and one-third of them will experience severe pain.

As the baby grows, the center of gravity in the lower body shifts forward. This change in the center of the body's core puts stress on the lower back joints. 

The sacroiliac joint of the pelvis is responsible for the majority of low back pain cases in pregnancy. Researchers found 70% of women were relieved of low back pain caused by the sacroiliac joints through spinal manipulation.

Gravity works on the extra weight, making it hard for the body to stay upright. All the bodyweight is in one area, that's why the center of gravity changes. Muscles and bones shift and eventually become strained and pulled out of alignment. Add to this that pregnancy hormones cause joints to become looser, and you end up with pain.

Can Chiropractic Care help to reduce low back pain during pregnancy?

A chiropractor will seek the cause of the problem and use specific techniques to reduce or eliminate the pain. Chiropractic treatment can not only reduce low back pain but also help with other complications related to pregnancy. 

For instance, delivery can be made easier if a mother's pelvis is aligned correctly. A baby coming down the birth canal has to turn to have a smooth delivery. An incorrectly aligned pelvis can cause problems with turning by getting in the baby’s way. This can make the delivery harder. If everything is aligned correctly, a baby can turn easily. 

If you have the following, you need to see a chiropractor:

  • Leg pain with numbness, tingling or weakness
  • Back or leg pain with coughing or sneezing
  • Difficulty standing up after sitting for a long time 
  • Morning stiffness
  • Pain after extending walking
  • Pain in the hip, buttock, thigh, knee or foot