Otitis Media Treatment at Manhattan Wellness Group

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Does your child keep grabbing or tugging at his/ her ear? Are they constantly screaming of pain and constantly getting a fever?  We are here for you.

Common causes of otitis media are a bacteria or a virus. For children by the age of two, already has went to the doctor about 2-3 times for otitis media. Bacterial infections are the most common causes of otitis media such as pneumonia for an example. Warning signs are fever, irritability, ear pain, difficulty sleeping or eat and diarrhea or vomiting

At Manhattan Wellness Group, our chiropractors utilizes several techniques such as spinal manipulation therapy to address the function of cranial structures for treatment. Lymphatic flow requires muscular contractions, arterial pulsations, and external compression of body tissues. Restricted joint movement within the cervical spine may result in muscle hypertonicity restricting lymphatic drainage away from the cranial region. This suggests that cervical spinal manipulation therapy reduces tension within hypertonic muscles, thus increasing lymphatic drainage. With the manipulation techniques a child will have fewer ear infections otherwise known as otitis media.