What Can Cure Neck Pain?


Plenty of Americans live day to day with the annoying and constant issue of neck pain. What can cure all that neck pain?

Some people feel as if they've tried just about everything from expensive treatments to gadgets and braces, and have still been unable to alleviate their neck pain.

Here are 3 tips you might not have tried put together by our staff members at Manhattan Wellness Group, your specialist for back and neck pain in the NYC area.

Stay Hydrated
Staying hydrated during the day may help prevent further degeneration of your cervical discs, and this in turn can help prevent neck pain.
The following tips can help you drink water throughout the day:

  •  Keep a reusable water bottle in your car and at work.
  •  Set a daily water goal—women typically need 2.2 liters, while men need 3 liters.
  • Pair your water intake with your daily habits. For example, drink a glass of water before you brush your teeth in the morning and evening.

Limit Your Handheld Phone Use
Most people don’t think twice about it, but you may be provoking your neck pain by cradling your phone in your neck while you're talking—as this common habit results in extra strain on your cervical spine

  • Purchase a Bluetooth or hands-free headset.
  • When you're browsing on your phone or texting with a friend, try to hold your phone near eye level.
  • Limit your phone use. This tip may sound simplistic, but the average American spends around 4 hours per day on their phone

Try Heat Therapy to Reduce Your Neck Pain
If you suffer from chronic neck pain, 20 minutes of applying a heating pad or hot water bottle may produce the following benefits:

  •  An increase in the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, which helps encourage healing in your neck.
  • The stimulation of sensory receptors in your skin, which hinders the transmission of pain signals to your brain.
  • The stretching of soft tissues around your spine, which decreases the stiffness in your neck.