Why Exercise is Better Than Rest for Your Lower Back


Dr. Rashad Trabulsi's team of back pain experts at Manhattan Wellness Group have come up with the following low stress aerobic exercises to help alleviate back pain. The key to success with exercising with back pain is to keep things low stress and low impact.

Water Therapy:

Aerobic underwater exercises are a great, low impact way to get active and reduce your pain. Try running or light jogging in place in the pool. Often times, an around the waste floatation device can aid if standing and moving brings too much discomfort.

Stationary Bike:

Riding the stationary bike provides a great mode of aerobic exercise. The key is low impact and little stress on your spine. Try at the gym or at your home, its and easy and convenient way to stay in shape and get your back feeling great.

Elliptical Trainer:

The elliptical keeps your legs and feet off the ground, thus reducing the amount of impact on your spine. It can also provide an efficient cardiovascular workout and, secondarily, helps build muscle strength when the greater resistance settings are used.